Technical Tracks

Technical Tracks

•ICPS Architectures
Chairs: Jan Haase; Maz Ahmad; Luis Ribeiro
Industry Architectures, Industry Standards, RAMI 4.0, Industrial IoT

•ICPS Theory and Technologies
Chairs: Elena Gaura; Bugra Alkan; Xianqiang Yang
Core Technologies, Interoperability, Communication Networks, Connectivity OT/IT, Semantics, Control, Information Processing, Security, IoT/IoS, Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems, Cloud-Fog Computing, Big/Smart Data, Security

•ICPS Engineering
Chairs: Damien Trentesaux; Kim Fung Tsang
Engineering Methods and Tools, Lifecycle Management, Integration, HMI, Safety, Engineering Systems of ICPS

•ICPS Applications
Chairs:Antonio Luque; Duc Pham; Federico Baronti;
Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, Smart Cities, Energy / Smart Grid, Smart Living, Smart Framing, Mobility, Water Management, Mining, Oil & Gas, Intelligent Enterprise, Smart Transportation, Internet of Underwater Things, Smart Medical Systems

•ICPS Management and Ecosystems
Chairs: Luis M. Camarinha-Matos; Luca Leonardi
Innovation Management, Innovation Ecosystems, Visions/Roadmaps, Industry Digitalization, Strategies & Markets, Entrepreneurship

•ICPS Advanced Modeling and Optimization
Chairs: Mingxi Liu; Huiping Li; Shen Chao
System Modelling, Simulation, Optimization, Control Theory .

•ICPS Education and Social Aspects
Chairs: Anikó Costa; Jinhua She; Claudia-Melania Chituc
Digital Society, Education, Lifelong ICPS Learning, ICPS Curricula, Future of Work, Social Aspects, Sustainability, Machine Ethics.

Work-in-Progress Track: Short papers (4 pages) on all ICPS areas.
The submissions in the Work in Progress papers category describes research that has not yet produced the full results required for a regular paper, but that due to its novelty and potential impact deserves to be shared with the community at an early stage. However, submissions presenting ideas only, without supporting results, will not be accepted. These submissions need to follow the regular paper submission guidelines, with a limit for their length to four (4) – six (6) pages. Papers are limited to 4 pages, while an extra 2 pages may be purchased at extra cost.