Special Sessions

To enhance the technical program and focus on specific topics and areas, ICPS2022 will include special sessions, in addition to the regular tracks. Special sessions can cover subjects or cross-subjects belonging to the topics of interest, or novel topics related with the ones identified within the topics of interest. Special sessions can also have the drive from specific Research & Innovation projects or clusters of projects.

SS-01 Diagnosis and Automated Repair
Co-Chairs: Maria Krantz, Lukas Moddemann, Oliver Niggemann, Artur Hübert, Maximilian Vogt.

SS-02 Industrial Predictive Maintenance: Technologies, Architectures and Applications
Co-Chairs: Miguel Delgado-Prieto, Juan J. Saucedo-Dorantes.

SS-03 Digital Twin Driving Industry 4.0
Co-Chairs: Flávia Pires, Paulo Leitão, Bilal Ahmad, Jay Lee.

SS-04 Causalities in Industrial Applications
Co-Chairs: Andreas Bunte, Alexander Diedrich, Kaja Balzereit, Maria Krantz, Oliver Niggemann

SS-05 Cyber-Physical Systems for Deformable Object Manipulation
Co-Chairs: Gianluca Palli, Jose Martinez Lastra, Salvatore Pirozzi, Gianluca Laudante

SS-06 IoT Automation tools and toolchains
Co-Chairs: Federico Montori, Pál Varga

SS-07 Sensing and perception for unmanned, automated and intelligent vehicles
Co-Chairs: Valentina Donzella, Carlo Alberto Avizzano, Martina Sciola, Roberto Valenti