Program Information

Program at a glance

24th May 2022


Opening Ceremony


Keynote – Prof. Alan Norbury “Adoption of Digitalisation in Practice”


Industry Forum Session I


Tutorial I – Monitoring, Fault-Tolerant and Cyber- Resilient Control of Renewable Microgrids


Tutorial II- Ensuring Safety and Establishing Trust for AI enabled Cyber-Physical Systems through Explainability


Industry Forum Session II

25th May 2022


Keynote – Prof. Christian Diedrich “Interoperability, semantics and digital twin in industrial cyber physical systems”


S01 – TT – ICPS Theory and Technologies

Chairs: Xianqiang Yang, Bugra Alkan

S02 – TT – ICPS Applications – I

Chairs: Antonio Luque, Duc Pham


S03 – TT – ICPS Modeling and Optimization

Chairs: Mingxi Liu, Shen Chao

S04 – SS – Diagnosis and Automated Repair

Chairs: Maria Krantz, Lukas Moddemann


S05 – TT – ICPS Education and Social Aspects

Chairs: Aniko Costa, Claudia-Melania Chituc

S06 – TT – ICPS Applications – II

Chairs: Antonio Luque, Tiberiu Seceleanu

26th May 2022


S07 – SS- Sensing and perception for unmanned, automated and intelligent vehicles

Chairs: Valentina Donzella, Martina Sciola

S08 – TT – ICPS Engineering – I

Chairs: Stamatis Karnouskos, Kim Fung Tsang


Keynote – John Whitbread “Looking forward with lessons from the past”


S09 – SS- IoT Automation tools and toolchains – I

Chairs: Federico Montori, Pál Varga

S10 – TT – ICPS Architectures

Chairs: Jan Haase, Maz Ahmad


S11 – SS – IoT Automation tools and toolchains – II

Chairs: Pál Varga, Federico Montori

S12 – TT – ICPS Engineering – II

Chairs: Daniel Vera, Valeriy Vyatkin


Closing Ceremony


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