Instructions of Video Preparation

Preparing your video

All authors need to prepare a Video for the online conference and will receive an email that includes a link to upload your video.

There are many possibilities to record presentations using videoconferencing tools. Here are a few links to instructions on recording a meeting on common platforms:Zoom: Local Recording – Zoom Help CenterSkype: Skype for Business: Recording a Meeting | Information Technology Services | Bemidji State UniversityGoogle Meet: Google Meet Help: Record a video meetingMicrosoft Teams: Record a meeting in TeamsOther tools: DingTalk, TencentTalk, GotomeetingYou can also use Powerpoint, but it takes two steps, first create Voice Over Power point and second, convert to .mp4 format.

IEEE recommends using Zoom to record a compatible video from content displayed on your computer screen and voice recorded via the computer microphone. Instructions for recording your presentation with Zoom: How to record your presentation using Zoom

Requirements for your video

Video-submission Deadline

Please upload your pre-recorded video before 30th April 2022.

Technical requirements, .mp4
File size:100MB max
Aspect ration:16:09
Resolution:1080p / Full HD / HD (1920 x 1080 px)
number of videos:1 each paper
max. length:12 minutes

File Name

The name of the video should be XXXXXX.mp4, where XXXXXX is the code of your paper without the two initial letters.
E.g. if your paper code is VF-999999 , your video should be named 999999.mp4
Your paper should be either 999999.pdf or 999999.pptx

Multi-paper Authors

If you have more than one paper, once you finish uploading the video and the first paper, just click on “+ Add paper, video, & files” and you will be able to upload the video for the additional papers.

Fail to receive the pesonalized uploading link

If you would not receive the link, please check the spam email box, or you can directly use your email (submitting author’s eamil as an account) to access the Guest Access Link to enter: Guest Entrance